​Have light colored lashes and the use of mascara getting annoying? Tinting them can totally make a difference.
This also a perfect compliment to our CLASSIC, MINK and VOLUME lash extensions.
​​Tinting lashes is similar to coloring ones hair. We take lighter colored Lashes and Brows and enhance them to bring out the natural shape and luster. Great looking Lashes and Brows can compliment any eye shape and col​​or. 
*Note if you naturally have light colored lashes and are tinting with the Lash Lift it is advisable to request a
"Full" Lash tint. 
 Lash Tint 
(Full top and bottom)
Lash Tint 
(top only/accompanies lash lift )
Brow Tint 
Lash/Brow Tint