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the Lash OASIS is fast becoming an iconic brand Specialty Salon that needs no introduction. Our name has become synonymous with all things Lash and Skin Care Service Related. Whether you are coming in for a basic Brow shaping, Facial or Detox infrared Treatments or our Legendary Lash Extension services the Lash Oasis brings feeling confident and Spectacular to life.
"We wouldn't have it any other way."
  • Aesthetician Positions: Being a part of our Team we take your hard earned education in the aesthetics field to the next level with training that will build your confidence and skill. San Antonio has a vast number of Aesthetic Training schools that turn out some of the best Professionals on paper and in school training, however once in the work force it takes Competitiveness and Drive to thrive in the industry. We will allow you to grow with Our Team into the future as a professional with the Lash OASIS.
  • Guest service coordinator positions: A very important part of our team is the GSC (Guest Service Coordinator), this position is the most important part of any service related business. We call this The Face and Voice of Our business. As mentioned above in our Aesthetician position "Team" is a key factor in this position. Our training will hone your skills with client relations as well as product and service knowledge and training that will help you better understand Our Goal here at the Lash OASIS.  



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