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Hair removal and Waxing has become mainstream in the past decades and has been in existence since Ancient Egyptian times.
Men have become more conscious of hair removal methods due to wanting a more sculpted look around the eyes as well as chest and back. Studio 120 offers Waxing and PHR (Permanent Hair Reduction) for both Women (full body) and Men (all areas from waist up and legs down).  


($18-$78 See page link for specific area pricing)
Women: From Shaping the brow line to Lip, Chin and Sideburns we can take care of it all.
Men: Sculpting the brow line and taking care to not thin the brow line too much as well as unwanted facial hair areas we create that clean masculine look.


($42-$90 See page link for specific area pricing)
Women: Getting rid of unwanted Under Arm, Arm hair and Leg hair keeps you smooth and silky longer than conventional shaving.
Men:  Cleaning up back, shoulders and Chest gives you a smooth clean feel. We also can take care of legs as well if you choose. (ask for prep instruction)


($59-$82 See page link for specific area pricing)
Women ONLY:  Whether you want a Simple Bikini line clean up or a full Brazilian our professionals take the best of care to insure you are comfortable.




Enzyme Based Hair Removal System.

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