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Let's make your Skin care and Facial Regimen Simple! After all our lives are complexed enough with out adding the stress of keeping your skin in check. We all know that stress is one of the most common issues with skin.

Let our trained Esthetic staff be your personal Mixologist and whip you up something that is nourishing, refreshing and relaxing. Mother Nature at her best! Our Organic Customized facials bring together the finest fruits, vegetables and herbs to deliver the most potent and active treatments around.

A veritable cornucopia of Hungary's best, only the freshest ingredients are combined with hot thermal spring water in handmade batches every two weeks ensuring that best is offered in each treatment. Customization of Products will be for a special focus on any combination of concerns.

Not sure what type of facial you want or need? We can help once you arrive at your appointment. Most important is the booking time. Our focus is to take all the guess work out of the way in order for you to enjoy your visit. 

Click on the links below for session time and pricing. 



​Initial one time introductory FREE (Membership Pricing) Upgrade for first time Facial clients! Choose from:

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