For All Skin Types, Your Facial will be Customized to your concerns:
Including Dry skin, Hyper-Pigmentation, Anti Aging, Acne.
Spa Facial $70 with Upgrade $80
Signature Facial $90 with upgrade $100


Your Facial session will be customized to your current concerns & will be modified per each visit with changing issues or even seasons: 

  • Anti Aging /Tightening

  • Sensitive skin/Rosacea 

  • Acne Break-outs 

  • Hyper-pigmentation/Dark spots 

  • Oily Skin/Balancing

  • Dry Skin/Hydration

Catering to men's specific skincare needs without all the frill 

  • Men's Facial 

What to expect in your Facial service:
  • Warm Hydro-Towel Compresses

  • Steam to open Pores 

  • Light Shoulder, Décolleté Massage

  • Deep Pore Cleansing 

  • High-Frequency Treatment 

  • Facelifting Hungarian Massage ​​