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NOTE: You must be a designated member to enable specific online booking abilities

There are various ways to book a Reservation for your Services:  Please DO NOT email or Facebook/Instagram message our studio for any information as we may not see this information promptly. It is our goal to attend to your needs and questions in a timely manner. 

Online Scheduling - Once you've had your first visit and established your client information, we can set you up for on line booking to help make your booking easier, we will set up a temp password for you. If you book a Reservation online you may be required to pre-pay for your service if there have been more than 2 no shows and or late cancellations. Late or No show fees will be collected at this time if there is a balance in our system.  

The online Scheduler can be accessed from a PC at or from the Mindbody App on your Smart phone. (ask front desk if you need assistance) Texting for new clients is not accepted due to pertinent private information that we want secured for your protection. 

Phone Call - At time of Reservation you will be asked to secure the Reservation with a Debit or a Major Credit Card.

Listed services we will require a "non refundable" deposit that will be placed towards your service. A minimum of $40 for Full Lash sets and Signature facials and a minimum of $20 for Lash perming and Spa facials. 

Should you late cancel or No Show the deposit will cover the said booked time that was reserved and unable to be re-booked with out a New deposit made. 

Studio 120's Mindbody Point of Service System will also require that your card info be saved (SECURED) for future use, this will also be done (if not online) at the time your card is swiped at our Point of Service Terminal.


*We Love Children, However we ask that you make accommodations for them if scheduling with us due to noise factors. Since we are a skin care facility we like to make sure your visit is as relaxing as possible. This also helps with time constraints to allow our staff to devote time to your needs. 


See app Booking page


Click the MindBody Icon and Book away, easy as just
~Signing in 
      user name (email on file)​
      password (established on 1st visit)
~ Select Type of appointment (service)
~Select Who you'd like to see (esthetician)
~ Select Day (date)
~ Select Time
Our system will find the time that best fits your particular needs. You will get either a text  or email confirmation (per your choice) of the appointed time as well as reminder the day before your set time. Takes all the Guess work out of Your already busy schedule.


*NOTE: If there is not an allowable time this may be because the schedule is full, it is always best to book out future appointments and if they need to be adjusted a few days before (recommended) we can accommodate that. We also have taken the time to have a fully trained staff so if you're in a pinch we can serve your needs.
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