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If You are new to the Lash Oasis our policies for NEW Guests are to provide us with pertinent information on you for several reasons:


  • The most common: your First and Last name.

  • Mobile Phone and Service Provider, providing your service provider information enables our system to direct text your appointment reminders with-out pesky spam attachments.

  • Your VALID email address.

  • A Valid Credit Card on file to secure your reservation/appointed time (see our cancellation policies)

  • If you are using any of our special pricing vouchers we will need that information to validate before your visit.


We realize requiring this kind of information may sound a bit intrusive for maybe what most would think is just an appointment, However Our system is set up to: 

  • Confirm your set appointed time at the time it is booked.

  • Send you a reminder the day before your appointed time.

  • Text you if we have swiped your card for a transaction.

  • Email you a recorded receipt.

  • Set you up for App booking. 

This is all automatic and Our Desk staff is required to attain this information in order to book you. Our MINDBODY booking system is set up to securely process your information as well to help even the busiest of clients as we know your visit here is sometimes the last thing on your mind but will always be the first thing on Ours. Please see Our Cancellation policy here> Cancellation Policy


the Lash OASIS/the INFRARED Spa/Erase the SLATE tattoo removal will never sell or redistribute any of your private information for outside solicitation.



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  (210) 396-8515

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