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the Lash Oasis Lash Lift Consumer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Lash Lift?
A: Not like the old fashioned eyelash perm done with perm rods. The Lash Lift is done with smooth silicone gel pads, kind of like old technology with a new twist.


Q: How long is the procedure?

A: The procedure is typically one full hour. The Procedure is NOT recommended on Clients that tend to be sensitive or claustrophobic, since the eyes will need to stay in closed position during the procedure.

Q:How long does the lift effect last?
A: When properly applied, The Lash Lift will last for about 60 days minimum depending on your specific lash growth cycles.

Q: How do I care for my Lashes once done?
A: Care must be taken in the first 24 hours not to get lashes wet, similar to a perm on the hair.


Q: Will the Lash lift procedure make my eyelashes longer or thicker?
A: No, the procedure is made to lift what is naturally there. If you are wanting more length we recommend either our lash extensions or a lash growth serum the we retail that will enhance natural lash growth in 4 to 6 weeks. Another Great esthetic tip for a bolder look is to have a lash tint done to darken the lash line. (see our lash tinting page)

Q: Can I use mascara?
A: The use of mascara is permitted after the 24 hour period as noted above.


Q: I'm new to lash lifts, what if lashes look too lifted and can they be relaxed?
A: The whole purpose of the lash lift is to make the lash curl and lift with out the use of lash curlers, sometimes you will get that extra lift and it may force the lash to slightly touch under your brow line above the lid, this will relax over a few days as well as weight itself down with light use of some mascaras. This can be an added benefit for a longer lasting curl in most cases. Currently there is not a form of lash relaxer that can be used around the eye due to the nature of hair relaxers on the market that may damage the lash and cause it to possibly break. Our expert staff will take the time to explain pad sizes that best benefit your lash length during your pre consultation and make adjustments for any future visits if need be. We can also do an adjustment with a larger pad to reshape the lash as well. It is not recommended to try and straighten the lash as this will only make the curl tighten further.    


Q: I just had my lash lift done a few days ago, why didn't it stay or even take well?
A: The only way to explain this is in two words, Hormones and Nutrition. Although typically in isolated incidents Hormone levels can play havoc on many things such as Skin and even Hair, poor Nutrition plays a role in Hair, Skin and Nail growth as well. Remember your lash lift is similar to perming your hair, the difference is that this product is formulated for use around the eyes. We will be happy to retry the treatment a few days out again at a discounted price. 


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