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Q: Why are lash extension removals so important? 
A: The best answer to this is, it is our job to make sure that we save your natural lashes from possible breakage and or damage. 
Q: What is used during the removal process?
A: Remembering back to your initial set of lashes here at our studio we sent you instructions. Within those instructions we specified staying away from a product called GLYCOL. Glycol is an adhesive reducer that emulsifies the hardened adhesive much like for example acetone is used on hardened nail polish it dissolves the adhesive and softens it so the extension slides right off.  
Q: Once I have my extensions removed is there an alternative to them?
A: Absolutely, we make it our business to help you get that fresh look even with out extensions, we offer Our Dolly Lash lift, in most cases can perform it the same day booking time permitting. (see Lash lift page)
See next question below in case of allergic reaction.
Q: I'm needing to remove my lash extensions because I had an allergic reaction to the adhesive, I had some swelling. How long will it take for the swelling to go away and should I see a doctor?
A: In most cases with in the initial removal of the issue the skin and eyes will have much needed relief, as in any allergic reaction the skin takes time to reduce in swelling depending on the severity of the reaction and how long it has been there. It is not necessary to consult a physician unless the issue has impaired your vision, most of the time your diagnosis will be contact dermatitis (a technical term for skin allergic reaction) typically the use of  Alaway eye drops that can be purchased at Walgreen or CVS (over the counter) will soothe the eye almost immediately, if the skin is irritated Hydro-cortisone cream helps with that as well. 
Q: Can't I just remove these myself at home?
A: It is NOT recommended. Being that we use a special adhesive remover to correctly do the removal. If you attempt this at home you can and will compromise your natural lash line by accidentally removing the natural lash base. Although your lash will grow back eventually the look between the growth time can be unattractive.
Q: Do you guarantee that if my lash extensions are removed by your Studio that breakage and natural lash loss will not occur?
A: Unfortunately We can NOT make that guarantee for several reasons. The first reason is if we did not do the initial work we are subject to guessing what was used for an adhesive by another salon and it may have not have been proper lash extension adhesive. Since we use specific adhesives that are made for this service we always do our research as to how to remedy a situation based on that product only. Some other issues may be lash loss due to growth, if a lash is at it's final maturity stage there is a chance that it can come off at the time of the removal due to natural attrition and rest assure there will be new growth coming.  We will always do our best to make the experience pleasant and informative for you. 
Q: Once my lash extensions are removed what can I do to make my natural ones fuller and healthier in case I'd like to start over with new ones or another lash service?
A: We will always recommend a Lash Conditioner such as Grande LASH, since it's one of the more affordable ones on the market. It will take about 3 to 4 weeks to see a difference in growth we always recommend it to even our lash extension and lash lift clientele. 
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