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Thank You for Trusting the Lash OASIS

with Your Lash Extensions!



Lash Extensions are a great way to enhance the natural beauty

of your eyes and is great at adding length and volume to your lash line.      

We can make your lashes look as Natural or as Dramatic as you LIKE!


Pre Treatment:

  1. Please arrive EARLY – We book time just for you and typically have other bookings immediately after. If you are 10+ minutes late we may have to reschedule. This is not a service you want your Esthetician to be rushing through! Cancellation Policy applies (see welcome email). If you have children Please do not bring them with you into studio during your visit as noise levels need to be kept low as we are a full spa and facials my be in progress in our treatment areas. Please silence your mobile devices in any of our treatment areas, NO speaker phone conversations in studio as well. 

  2. If you are coming in for a fill and have lashes from another salon we can not guarantee a few items, One: We may not be able to match the exact type although our professionals will make the best effort to do so. Two: Previous place are using the highest quality products, we always make the effort to do so. Three: Previous place have not been placing actual lash extensions on your lashes but a cheaper imitation lash and calling it a lash extension. We always advise doing your research and asking questions, we will always do our best to keep you informed.  

  3. For a Full Set of Lashes You Must be prepared to be here a total of 2 hours. This is to ensure the Esthetican is answering all your questions and getting a full complete set on. It may be shorter - however, we do not rush the Estheticians for this service. For future reference- fills only take between 45 minutes to 1.25 hours. Please refrain from any large amounts of water or caffeinated beverages before your visit as if restroom break needs to happen this will require the technician to remove under eye pads and dry adhesive in order for you to properly open your eyes for vision and will need to restart the process, this will shorten your lash time and add cost for new products (under eye pads) to be re-attached.  

  4. Be prepared to have your eyes closed for the entire 2 hours maximum (maybe less). If you are claustrophobic this treatment is NOT recommended if service is not completed due to any additional issues a $30 NON refundable service fee will be charged for time blocked out for service per management.

  5. Let your Esthetician know if you want to go very natural or more DRAMATIC with your new lashes prior to starting – This is your Consult time! If you are wanting a fuller look this can be addressed at your first fill (3-4 weeks) or with in the first week, a fee will be charged for this service time of 30 minutes. (Styles will be addressed as well) 

  6. After your initial Lash Set or Lash Fill you will NOT be able to apply mascara or get them wet for up to 12 hours preferably 24 hours. (after that you can wet them and wear water soluble mascara) See aftercare instructions below.

  7. If you have a BIG event we do NOT recommend you do an initial set the day of or the day before. We recommend you do an initial set of lashes a week to two weeks prior to any big event such as weddings, traveling, family gatherings to name a few, We also offer patch testing of the adhesive. This will ensure we have ample amount of time to correct any adverse situation if there is irritation or adjustment for the lashes length.

  8. It is best to arrive with NO make up on your eyes.

  9.  As in everthing in life, sometimes TRUE lash extensions are not for everyone, If final set is not to your liking we will need to address this by a removal as well, for a fee of $30 and provided that time permits for the immediate removal if time does not permit full price will need to be paid and can be refunded minus $30 service fee and $30 removal fees. 

  10. Our Website has other Frequently asked Questions that we recommend you Read



After Care:

  1. Avoid getting lashes wet for 12-24hrs – The face can be washed with careful care to avoid splashing water in the eye area. Do not Swim, Shower or use Hot Tubs, Steam Rooms, or Saunas for 12 hours. After the 12-24 hrs, you can rinse your lashes with water gently and pat them dry. Avoid rubbing your lashes while washing them

  2. AVOID any products containing Glycol - Do not allow moisturizers, eye creams, or oily, creamy eye makeup removers to come in close proximity to the eyelash extensions. Any products containing oils will break down the bond of the adhesive. (Read Ingredient labels Closely!) There is an approved Make Up remover sold at Studio 120. Ask your Esthetican or front desk staff prior to leaving.

  3. Do not pick, pull or rub your lashes. This will damage your natural lash at the follicle and hinder the placement of a new lash extension until the natural lash grows out. 

  4. Mascara is NOT needed, however if you choose to, use ONLY Water Soluble Mascara on your eyelash extensions. Waterproof mascara will cause the lash extensions to come unglued. CAUTION: Overuse of even water-soluble mascara will shorten the lifespan of your lash extensions. Exposure to Glycol will emulsify the adhesive and it may turn white and or become sticky and tack to other lashes causing a clumping look. 

  5. Do not! use eyelash curlers as they can Break or Crimp the extension. Our Lashes come Pre-curled, additional curling is not necessary.

  6. Gently groom your lashes with an eyelash brush or comb when needed. If you do not have an eyelash brush or comb ask your Esthetican or front desk staff prior to leaving.

  7. We highly recommend you use an approved Eyelash Growth Serum. Ask your Esthetican or front desk staff about the growth serum using this allows your lashes to stay at optimal strength to support lash extensions and keeps the lash line conditioned for a fuller more beautiful set of lashes.

  8. If any issues arise with in 10 days (under 2 weeks) of initial set we will do a one time adjustment fill (30 minutes) at $37 dollars to remedy any slight issues. Our Staff will contact you within a few days of the initial set as a follow up for this service. 


Studio 120 uses ONLY Formaldehyde FREE adhesives for Your Safety...


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