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Frequently Asked Questions

KSAT 12 Consumer Alert

Q: What are Eyelash Extensions?
A: Eyelash Extensions are a totally new way to extend the length and thickness of your eyelashes. They are applied on a hair-by-hair basis to your own lashes for a totally natural look. Be aware of salons that claim you're getting lash extensions if they can not provide these things:
  • Type of adhesive or brand (See Consumer Alert video above and below you'll read some interesting Q and A's)
  • Show You the lashes and sizes that can be used (Every client has a different eye shape and lash type ALL of our lash work can be classified as custom to each client)
Q: I just had a lash fill done a week ago and noticed some of my lashes fell out right away, what should I do? and why is that happening?
A: There can be several issues here, number
 1. Your lashes may be between growth spurts and the extensions weight can have a factor in that. 
 2. These products may conatin GLYCOL:
  • Face Washes
  • Eye creams
  • Make up removers 
  • mascaras  water proof mascara. 
 3. Handling of the lashes by pulling or picking at them not recommended due to natural oils on fingers/hands.
 4. Skimpy  or weak natural lash base, we recommend and retail a lash conditioner to strengthen natural lashes.
Q: I'm new to lash extensions, how does your membership work?
A: That's a Great question, We offer a one time Full set introductory member price for $120 for Classic Lash Extensions and  $140 for Volume Lash Extensions for new clients that will commence a monthly $10 discount membership. There is no obligation to join right away or at least until your first fill at approximately 3 to 3 and half weeks later however if you do not join and let the full set grow out a new set will be at regular cost of $207 for Full Set of Classic Lash Extensions and $237 for Full Set of Volume Lashes, if you are on our membership and this occurs we will re-honor the discount price one more time, if not on membership we require you to stay on the membership for an extended period of a minimum of  6 months in order to receive that discount initial set again. Lashes have a growth cycle of 45 days and do not grow at the same rate so it's best to fill instead of starting over due to costs. If you are on our Oasis Club membership at $10 per month your Classic Lash fills are set at $55 and Volume Lash Extension fills are $65 per visit. Clients not on membership will pay $75 for Classic Lash Extension fills and $85 for Volume Lash Extension fills per visit. We also offer member discounts on Waxing and Skin Care facials (see our lash pages). 
Q: I have lashes done from a lash extension salon and they look like one lash with 3 lashes coming out do you all do that here? and can I get them filled here? 
A: That is probably a lash TAB made to misrepresent a lash extension or a 3/4D lash which is incorrect, especially if standard lash adhesives where used to adhere it and if it is adhered to your eyelid, If you haven't reacted to the adhesive then they used the lash "tab" adhesive if it was near or close to the eye lid (water line) you should have had a reaction to standard lash "extension" adhesive. This means the salon that did these was dishonest with their information and products. Our professionals are trained to spot these "fakes" and re-educate our clients and correct the issue by removing the existing ($30) and restarting the process. If you are booked for a fill we may have to start a partial set and rebook you to accommodate the extra time for a full set to be properly placed. (in some cases time may be available the same day or even during the same session).  We frown upon this misrepresentation practice as it devalues what we have worked hard to perfect, We are all about having true competitors that validate our practice and take Lashes seriously. 
Q: While researching lash extensions I read about a special that a Salon was doing and they mentioned it only was for 30 lashes per eye, is that what is typically done on a full set?
A: NOT at the Lash Oasis. A healthy natural lash line can have 60 plus or more lashes so what your getting is NOT really a full set. We choose to not work in that capacity as less than or 30 lashes is incomplete to us. So if you're paying a small price you're getting what you pay for. Do your research and ask questions ALWAYS. Note: This also depends on how many healthy natural lashes You have, bottom line if there isn't a natural lash we are unable to attach an extension.
Q: How long does a lash conditioner take to work?
A: When properly applied, our recommended lash conditioners take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to show a significant difference, the Lash Oasis typically tests any products we recommend on our staff to clarify the results, simply put we are consumers as well and if we do not see the quality or effectiveness we will never recommend it. 
Q: How long do they last?
A: When properly applied, Lash Extensions can last up to 4 weeks. Touch-ups are recommended after initial full set application to replace any lashes that might have fallen off. Properly applied lashes will last for the length
of the natural growth cycle of each eyelash hair (typically 3 or 4 weeks) the Lash Oasis offers a Club Membership for more affordable options.
Q: How do I care for my Lash Extensions?
A: Care must be taken not to rub eyes, or scratch. Also, any creams, eye makeup removers, lotions, or cleansers containing glycols or carbonates can loosen the bond of Lash Extension adhesives. Care must be taken to apply eye cream sparingly with avoidance of the lash line area.
Q: Can I add mascara to the Lash Extensions?
A: Water soluble mascara can be worn; however constant use of mascara may shorten the life-span of your lashes. WATERPROOF MASCARA IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE AS IT WILL DISSOLVE THE BOND WITH THE LASH EXTENSIONS and NATURAL LASH.
Q: How Long is the initial visit to get them?
A: The initial procedure takes approximately a full hour and and half depending on the individuals eye proportion and amount of natural lashes there is to work with. It is best to expect at the most 2 hours.
Q: How Long do the fills take?
A: The fills take approximately a full hour up to one hour and 10 minutes, this depends on several issues. One, being how many weeks it has been since your last fill and Two, how your maintenance and care has been on the lashes.
Q: What is the maintenance on them?
A: Virtually None, except during makeup removal. Take precaution when using products containing GYCOL, this is a product we use to reduce the adhesive to remove them and most eye makeup removers contain it as a cleaning agent as do most facial cleansers. Also as mentioned above some water proof mascaras can contain this agent.
Q: Can I remove them myself if they are causing some issues?
A: It is NOT recommended that you remove the lash extensions your self, Due to possibly damaging your natural lash in the process. the Lash Oasis or Your lash extensionist should have lash removal product on hand in these cases and it usually takes an hour or even less to carefully have them removed.

Q: Are they safe? and what about allergic reactions?
A: Yes Our products are EPA approved through Specific Manufacturers for use around the eye.  Allergic reactions can happen depending on the sensitivity of the client and some isolated incidents can happen, however we do offer to new clients a way to patch test procedure to be sure of any sensitivity to the adhesive product. Our Lash professionals and Staff are trained to identify any reactions. Most common reactions are redness and some minor swelling of the eyelid and or eyes. If you are new to lash extensions you may experience a change in the weight of your eyelid this usually will decrease as you get used to them.
Q: I had some slight irritation that developed after my last fill, what causes that and what can I do to possibly remedy it with out having to remove my extensions?
A: Some times our eye area may become sensitive for many reasons whether it be seasonal allergies or irritation of the natural lash line, we recently had a client recommend an over the counter eye drop for this that may help and we've seen the issue remedy itself called ALAWAY by Bausch & Lomb that is available at your local drug store. This is just a recommendation and not a cure all, if you have a serious allergic reaction please let us know quickly so we may remove the lash at once to prevent any further issues.
Q: I've had lashes done at another salon in the past and surgical adhesive was used, is that safe?
A: Absolutely NOT!, most adhesives whether it be surgical or not are not made for use around the eye or even on the body. All or most household type of adhesives contain formaldehyde which is caustic and has been link to disease causing carcinogens that effect the body over long term use. Basically Cancer causing.
Q: Are the Mink lashes really Mink?
A: No, Mink lashes are a style of lashes that are named mink because of the texture and softness comparable to the standard lash extension which is slightly more coarse and stiff, both are a synthetic man made product specifically for the eye, actual animal hair is definitely not recommended to be worn around the eye. If you see real mink lashes advertised it's typically a sales gimmick, use your best judgment.
Q: Do most prefer Mink over standard lashes?
A: Again this depends on your personal preference, some clients that have tried standard extensions have made the switch and stayed but some have switched back to standard from mink.
Q: Why do my lashes not look as full as my friends that get them done?
A: This question is posed more than the standard questions above. Remember, we are all different from our skin to hair growth and this all depends on our "Genetics" and health internally (hormones). Hair growth is an unusual thing, so what we do is try to customize each individuals lashes to what is there to work with naturally, unfortunately some are just not good candidates for lash extensions.
Q: What if I have lashes from another salon and am in need of a fill?
A: As lash extensions get more and more popular we are seeing a surge in this situation that poses a bit of an issue with several factors, one being we are literally walking into the situation blindly due to factors like not knowing what type of product is or was used. Inferior products and poorly placed lashes can be a bit annoying, we understand and sometimes time availability and locations factor in, Do yourself a favor ASK what product is being used if that is not disclosed to you that is a red flag.  We do have a ONE TIME introductory price that is posted on Our Lash Extension page that will help. This particular visit not only allows our professionals the time to evaluate the current situation but to make sure we give you the look that you are expecting as well as enables our staff to back up the work that is done. Simply put... we will stand behind our results. If the existing lashes are clumpy and not placed correctly we will opt to removing all the extensions and starting over this may take a re-booking to properly remove and replace with new lashes to your satisfaction.
Q: I was told by a Lash Oasis  staff member that not everyone is a good candidate for lash extensions, why is that ?
A: All Lash Oasis staff have been educated regarding the lash extension industry from our Front desk and Management all the way to our Esthetics team, We realize that consumers sometimes desire lash extensions and they are not for everyone due to cost and maintenance. If you do not already have a semi healthy lash base we will not waste your time or even your hard earned money, we could simply just make a sale and be done with it but we all believe that the consumers happiness, our work and education speaks for itself along with that our HONESTY. If you are currently a lash client and our staff has repeatedly recommended a lash conditioner there is a reason for it, We want your lashes to look spectacular after all you're Our walking bill board :).
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