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Membership Pricing: 

Membership Benefits:

  • FREE Modality/UPGRADES (Micro-Dermabrasion/Hydro-Dermabrasion/L.E.D. Light Infusion)

  • No Additional Membership Fees or Start up costs

  • Month to Month Membership – No Long Term Contracts

  • On Line Booking Makes Booking an Appointment Easy for you

  • 20% off All Waxing (must be done on separate day than Microdermabrasion service to avoid possible negative reaction)

  • 10% off Select Retail Products 

  • 40% off Infrared SPA Services SOLO & Fuzion POD



Membership Q & A


Q: How does the membership work? 

A: Pretty simple basically upon your first visit once you have completed your service we can start you or even on your next booking. We will set up auto billing in our booking system on the date you choose with a valid credit card or debit card on file (best to book after you are billed). Our system then saves a credit from the billing so you are set and paid for once you come in for your service. 


Q: What if I miss my facial for the month? 

A: As long as it isn't booked we will allow up to 2 roll over credits in the system once you've gone into the 3rd one we will advise you to use the credit with in a month. 


Q: I have a teenager that I'd like to have utilize this however they are way too busy and might not be as constant in thier visits. Is there a way they can get in on this pricing with out being billed monthly? 

A: Absolutely! as long as they show valid I.D. of residing with you since you are a facial member we will allow them this price, be sure to have them show I.D. and let our staff know when booking that they are under your membership pricing plan. We will store this information in our system so they only have to present it once. If they are a college student and away from home let us know the name of student and we will save it our system as well with you as a referring parent. The same applies to Spouses.


Q: What if I need to cancel my membership? 

A: Since there is no LONG term contract we at least require a 30 day verbal or written notice before billing date, we realize sometimes you might forget until you see your email or text notification that we've billed you. We can reverse the charge and cancel the auto billing as long as it has not lapsed over 30 days.


Q: What if I want one of the larger full facial services every once in a while? Can I use this membership for that as well?

A: Yes you can! What we offer is a 20% discount on our full facials if you have a valid running membership, just be sure and notify us when booking for extended time allowances since full facials are longer time frames and require more set up for treatment. 




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