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FACE WAXING​      Oasis Club Member
Brow             $20          $16
Lip                $12            $9.60
Chin              $12             $9.60 
Side Burns      $13           $10.40
Neck            $11           $8.80 
Nose Inner   $13          $10.40
Ears              $11          $8.80 
Full Face (w/Brows)   
                $49         $39.20 
Full Face (w/o Brows)
                     $43          $34.40
the Lash Oasis offers our expertise in the art of hair removal, for  all aspects of the face and surrounding areas. Most commonly done are the Brows and Upper Lip, however unsightly vellus (fine thin) hair can play havoc in maintaining a clean clear complexion. Removing the fine hair from your skin can aid in better skin care, better product absorption and  even a lighter brighter even skin tone.