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FACE WAXING​         Oasis Club Member
Brow               $20          $16
Ear                  $13             $10.40
Nose (inner)     $13           $10.40
Nose (outer)     $13           $10.40
Neck               $12           $9.60
Full Face             $37           $29.60
the Lash Oasis brings hair removal to a new level for Men that want that sculpted look with out being too fluffy. Men should have 2 brows, after all we are civilized are we Not?
A clean sculpted look doesn't end at the brows, unsightly nose hairs can be a deal breaker with the ladies and hey, while your at it, your beard should stop at your jaw line and not lead into your ears! We offer individual areas or the FACE CLEAN-UP includes the Brow, Ear and Nose. Have a Beard? don't sweat it we can work around that.