24 hour Cancellation Policy
As a small business we want to do everything we can to accommodate you and as well as protect and secure a
well-deserving Staff.


Our 24 hour Cancellation Policy means we require a 24 hour notice of your Reservation Cancellation,

Our booking system also will send out a confirmation text the morning and afternoon prior to your booked appointment day, as a last resort we will send a third text direct, once the third message has been sent and no confirmation has been met the appointment will remain on the schedule and will be charged upon No Showing if not confirmed. If you are not receiving any of our reminders please confirm your mobile number and email on file with our front desk spa coordinators and keep us updated should any information be changed.  


List of (NON-refundable)Charges:

  • Facial Booking: Spa facial $20 (deposit)

  • Signature facials $40 (deposit)

(credited toward the initial Facial upon completion of visit).

  • Lash Full Set (Classic/Volume) Booking: $40 non refundable deposit for 2 hour booking (credited toward the initial Lash set upon completion of visit).

  • Lash Fills: Standard flat rate of $30 (no show/late cancel fee)

Other services such as waxing:

  • Standard flat rate of $15 (no show/late cancel fee)

All deposits are NON refundable if late cancellation or NO Show occurs.  The credit card used to secure the reservation will be billed the day and time of missed/NO SHOW service, this includes late cancellations. If the card on file is declined there will be hold placed on bookings until the above fee is pre-paid and next reservation also will need to be pre-paid in full during new booking. 


To Cancel a Reservation DO NOT EMAIL!

Call (210) 396-8515. Sometimes extreme circumstances arise causing a violation of the Cancellation Policy and beyond the control of the Guest. These situations will be reviewed by the Lash Oasis Management and will require documentation for full credit only. (Again No refunds will be given)

To alleviate any discrepancies of technology, we require you get a confirmation from the Lash Oasis via Text or Phone call that the Reservation has been canceled. If you call and get voice mail - make sure you get a call back or a text back from Our Staff stating that we received the cancellation. Please note: The Voice Mail System has a date and time stamp that allows our staff to properly designate a 24 hour notice. DO NOT call and Not leave a voicemail, a missed call on our log will not suffice as a cancel notice. 

10 minutes late? - we will have to reschedule your appointment time.  This WILL be categorized as less than the the 24 hour cancellation according to policy.  Anything prior to 20 minutes - service will be done and stopped at the reservation end time and you will be required to pay the full reservation amount. If we are able to accommodate you the same day at a different time frame with the same staff member late cancel fees may be waived at managements discretion.  


*We Love Children, However we ask that you make accommodations for them if scheduling with us due to noise factors. Since we are a skin care facility we like to make sure your visit is as relaxing as possible. This also helps with time constraints to allow our staff to devote time to your needs.