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THE BEER FACIAL..For Oily or dry skin and T zone issues. 
Antioxidants in beer result from the fact that beer is made from cereals (for example barley) which are also an excellent source of antioxidants. The antioxidants in beer also result from the hops that are used in making the flavor in the beer. The hops contain a specific antioxidant called xanthohumol, which is said to be found only in the hops. Xanthohumol is what is called a prenylated flavonoid. SCIENCE!!!


These types of flavonoids are said to be a higher source of antioxidants than green tea and soy. These prenylated flavonoids are also beneficial as they are able to survive longer in the human body, therefore are available in the body longer to fight against the free radicals. MORE SCIENCE!!!


It gets hard to believe that an alcoholic drink can be a source of vitamins! Still, it doesn’t get better than this. Apart from being rich in vitamin B (particularly homebrew), it is richest in Niacin which is also known as vitamin B3. Other than these, beer contains vitamins such as Choline, Pantothenic Acid, other B vitamins and vitamin B6.

Can't beat Beer SCIENCE can you now? 


You will receive a deep cleansing, exfoliation with Our Jalapeno infused Arctic Berry scrub , Lavender infused steam with hydro-towel application, massage of the shoulders, face & neck and a mask that is appropriate to a guys skin care needs. All this followed by treatment serums and skin specific moisturizer. Yeah..we said moisturizer Again... get used to it! You'll hear it a lot..So where does the Beer come

in? Instead of Using just plain water we Use...Yep, Beer!! The darker and Hoppier

the Better...



MicroDermAbrasion: It's like sand blasting for the skin, removes all the

dead skin layers and resurfaces it for a smoother cleaner look.

What? You afraid of little diamonds rubbing your face? 

FREE RADICALS: The crappy nasty gunk in your body that causes rapid

aging. Yep Beer can fight those little pains in the....Well you know.. 



Recommended AfterCare Products:

Oily/Dry Skin-Combination

  • Stone Crop Gel Wash

  • Tropical Vanilla Day Cream SPF 32 


ACNE Prone Skin

  • CLEAR SKIN ProBio-Cleanser

  •  CLEAR SKIN ProBio-Moisturizer 


​90% of your results happen after the facial at home, ​

Want to know more about the skin care best suited for home use?

Our Home Care products are Cliniclly proven to improve men's skin issues in just 30 days!

Visit Our Studio Store upon Our staff recommendations  



"The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind..." – Humphrey Bogart

1. Certain vitamins in beer can regenerate the skin and have a positive impact on pigmentation

2. Increases Blood flow and we know increased blood flow aids in regeneration of cells.

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